What types of personal coaching sessions are you offering?

You can be coached on all topics that you see on our website. Some topics are only thought by personal coaching sessions, other topics / themes/ courses/ skillets  use personal sessions for further development of all learned in books, online courses, webinars or live events / seminars / workshop.

How are personal coaching sessions done?

98% of all sessions are done via Skype in phone call (audio-only) format. If you do not have Skype and/or do not wish to download the free application, a normal phone session can be arranged for you. If you prefer this option, please be sure to include your phone number on the booking form.

How do I purchase my session?

You can purchase your consultation via the “book a session”  link on the menu above. Once you have completed the form, you can finalize the transaction via credit card or PayPal.

How can I prepare for my session?

If you feel so, you may write down questions you feel you need clarity and get guidance on. Many clients often find that writing down questions allows them to get the most out of a session and stay on track. However, please do not email me with your personal details or videos since best results appear on our one to one sessions. I will ask you all needed, I will tune in to your energy at the time of our session.

Do you offer recordings of your sessions?

Due to the personal nature of sessions we do not prefer to record personal coaching sessions. If you would like to have a copy of your reading for your records you may want to use a recording program on your computer such as garageband.

What are your booking terms & conditions?

The booking terms and conditions can be viewed by visiting Personal Coaching Terms and Conditions page.