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I am myself an experienced MD and have published a experts guide about acupressure. And, from expert point of view, I can honestly say there are awesome programs and very much recommended. It is very easy to follow even for the newbie, and it make this science easily reachable for everybody. The only ‘negative’ thing I found is that books are kind of short. That’s why attended course and I am more than pleased!

Dr. Johns D. Practicing medical specialist

These methods changed my life. At age 51 I was losing energy. Following this easy to learn and easy to do program, I felt renewed energy in about two weeks’ time. Although imagination is involved, the results are not imaginary. People have commented on how much better I look and how much better I move.

Doug B. Professional trader

I wish I took to this course sooner in my life, but I’m so grateful that I finally did. I never liked my old job [accounting] and for full six years without an success I was trying my best to build up solid income for my artwork creation. I always knew that establishing solid connection to my inner voice, God within me or intuition if you wish to call it like that is exactly what is missing however I didn’t have a means to reawaken that. Reconnecting SuperSouL coaching is guilty for my total life change. I warmly recommended to anyone serious about expanding and elevation to a whole new level of life quality and performance simply any aspect. Thank you again!

Lena S. Full-Time Aand Art Teacher

I have been trying out various self-development materials courses and programs over last 8 to 9 years. I cannot say that I got nothing from all that endeavor however I want to say that prosperity coaching I took from SupersouL solutions and Mr. James catapulted me instantly to a whole different level. There are just some things we better learn from people who show by example and realize what they teach. Want my advice? Avoid those that only earn money by “teaching”, go with those that really will make you grow.

Maria Z. Entrepreneur

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About Us

Definition of insanity (as explained by Albert Einstein) is: “Performing same activities in the same way today and expect better results tomorrow”. We are assisting and serving needs of those who think, act and actively grow direction enchaining the quality of life.

Our books, seminars and programs are actively helping to hundreds of thousands of positive man and women throughout the world. We only present those methods that are proven in their potential to actively help and assist. Naturally, we are all different and we do have different approaches and needs however our predominant direction exceeds colors of individual taste and preference.

We personally live what we teach. Everything that we present we are entirely sure about and backing it up hundred percent.