Are you tired of watching life pass you by? It doesn’t have to feel that way!
I help heart-centered, goal oriented individuals who feel stuck in their money to remove all blocks to prosperity once for all, dramatically increase income level and stand out from the crowd.
My name is Sasha James. I am a Transformational Coach, CEO and owner of two successful business, and creator of the Shortcut to Having More© program. Join me on the journey of abundance.


        When & Why You Should Consider SHORTCUT to HAVING MORE© Prosperity Coaching
  • You feel sick & tired of ‘waiting’ for change to happen!
  • Because it has saved many hardworking, heart-centered entrepreneurs from a life of pain, fear and lack!
  • (If) you seriously desire to dramatically increase your income and business success.
  • (When) you desire to regain your self-trust, enthusiasm and happiness.
  • Thousands have already doubled+ their income, transforming their business success and level of fulfillment.
  • When you want to (again) stand confidently in your power & stand out from the crowd.
  • The Shortcut to Having More© approach truly serves your needs in the best way possible!
  • Real Change comes from within. Regardless of how many approaches didn’t work for you or that you didn’t work, our approach is going to make change happen!
  • The Shortcut to Having More© will provide you with inner transformation, transition to strategy, and action: the 3 must work continuously together!

PACKAGE No 1. FIX the CRISIS (1 to 3 sessions)

  • Identify what stops you and keeps you stuck
  • Clear the blocks that are holding you back

I am going to help you to:

  1. Clarify exactly why you don’t have more money / Clarify exactly why you are stuck.
  2. Create powerful new actions that break patterns.
  3. Break free from habitual patterns that stand in your way.
  4. Teach you how to stop the cycle.
    SHORTCUT to HAVING MORE© Processes Used:

    Creation of a Personalized Wealth Blueprint – revealing how your nervous system is wired

    • Seeing the paradigm–where the wiring comes from
    • Seeing and clearing the ‘downside’ of wealth
    • Erasing financial traumas






PACKAGE No 2. INCOME BOOSTER (6-9 sessions) 

(Everything Included in Package No.1 PLUS:) 

Step up your energy, passion and earning potential!

  • Maximize your earning potential in 50 – 60 days.
  • Shift from impossible to possible.
  • Restore passion and enthusiasm; double your wealth-generating potential.


I am going to help you to:

  1. Reconnect to your power – become the creator in your life.
  2. Create change with energy and passion.
  3. Confidently take strategic action.
  4. Feel enthusiasm in your life.
  5. Think big! It leads to big action in your money.
  6. Feel motivated to take strategic action.
  7. Discover where you want to go and how to get there.
  8. Become & stay empowered to take strategic action.


             SHORTCUT to HAVING MORE© Processes Used:
    • Successful removal of negative influences based on poor self-belief and confidence issues.
    •       – || –      worthiness issues, vows to be invisible, perfection.
    •       – || –      goal trauma – seeing the negative takeaways in refusing to be naive, thinking big, taking chances, ‘going for it’.
    •       – || –      what you didn’t forgive; blame and attachment to past issues.
    •       – || –      unhealthy / destructive inner criticism issues like, ‘I should have done it better’, ‘I am guilty’ etc.
    • Detection of limiting beliefs instead of possibilities.




(Everything Included in Packages 1 & 2 PLUS:) 

  • Go beyond your paradigm and setting outrageous goals!
  • Implement action with support.
  • Map out a step-by-step strategy for your life and/or business.

I am going to help you to:

  • Create your individualized money strategy.
  • Set outrageous goals!
  • Feel confident because you have total support and guidance.
  • Implement and take action on your money goals.
  • Take real steps toward your life goals and feel total excitement!
  • Know exactly where you are going with your strategy map.


                SHORTCUT to HAVING MORE© Processes Used:
  • Setting outrageous goals!
  • Staying out of resistance – seeing the downside to standing out (and the inner critics).
  • Patterns of Action Resistance and Backlash (seeing how to move through them).
  • Hidden Agendas





(Everything Included in Packages 1, 2 & 3 PLUS:) 

  • Passionately sharing and living Your purpose and mission.
  • ‘Best in Class’ Strategies to skyrocket Your business and make tons of money.
  • Empowering You to create a platform of raving fans and exploding Your authority, credibility, and exposure.
  • Reaching streams of Your Perfect Profile Clients.

I am going to help you to:

  1. Become and remain Best in Class.
  2. Know and relate Your important message that attracts new clients.
  3. Clarify Your talk that turns into money.
  4. Expand Your reach and impact.
  5. Dominate the competition in Your business and industry.
SHORTCUT to HAVING MORE©  method will train you in the powerhouse methods of great achievers:
  • Creating Your own ‘WOW factor’ Opening Mission Statement
  • Identifying YOUR perfect clients, clarifying your mission statements, engaging in “next-level” networking
  • Crafting talks that turn into Your money
  • Creation of content that will warm up perfect clients to work with You
  • Creation of content that will expand Your impact and grow Your following
  • Conducting Clarity Strategy Action calls that turn interested prospects into Your clients