Backpain No More

This may sound like ordinary course of preventing / dealing with the back pain but truth cannot be more distant than that. Truth is, this program is doing all that and as a matter of the fact it probably one of the most complete programs that deals with this common problem of the man and woman today. Creator of this course Sasha James, being direct student of Sifu William Lee and martial artist with 25 years of experience created simple method that incorporates only “stuff that works”. It deals with internal and external causes of the back pain and it’s effective provided one is serious to learn and solve this problem once for all. In short, this method is for sure different from any other and here are a few reasons why:


  • CREATED FOR ‘HIMSELF’: Creation of this course and program was initiated by personal need to have complete solution for back pain problems. Having few serious pain in lower and upper back (due to old sports injuries and long hours sitting on daily basis) ‘forced’ this program to be created.
  • SHARED TO CLOSEST CIRCLE: as soon he was being able to solve (most of) his back problems, people closest to him naturally noticed a change and have started to inquire, in some cases even ‘demand’ or beg for help. Recognizing this need, methods were upgraded and adjusted in order to be efficient for various types of make pain problems.
  • INCLUDES EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL METHODS: most of the systems are only based on physical approach. There are few ‘energy healers’ or practitioners of hypnosis that claim to have complete solution only operating on subtle plane however based on hundreds experience of hundreds and now thousands of individuals, complete solution is when you approach and act from both planes-physical and energetic or subtle mind level.


NOTE: this is not the program meant to change prescriptions or recommendations given by your doctor. Please consult your medical professional before starting with this program.


Back Pain No More Program – FORM OF TEACHING

Just like all courses we provide, this one is as well organized in smaller groups, high-quality environment and positivity in order to avoid any possibility of alteration and misunderstanding. If you apply and participate in live seminar or you decide to use a home study course, nature and form of teaching is identical (with obvious difference in ability to get clarifications and answers faster, face-to-face). Seminar is given by Sasha James, co-author of books and personal disciple of Sifu Lee.



Live course is divided into 4 parts that normally last 10 – 12 hours in total. All lessons, all four parts (one session per week). One session is constructed to be 90 minutes long with additional time left for question-and-answer.

It is normally hold once a week on Friday from 7 to 9 PM central Europe standard Time. For details of the current seminar, please fill out the contact form.



  • Basic knowledge about Qi (Chi, Prana, Energy).
  • All theoretical and practical understanding of necessary methods that are resulting in lowering and gradual removal of back pain
  • Free copy of Amazon bestseller book Backpain No More
  • Ability to get a free copy of all author books in digital format during Amazon free promotion days.
  • LIMITED OFFER: First ten participants (based on ‘first come first serve basis’) will receive 30 minutes’ free consultation with instructor, where you can get additional guidance and answers specific to your situation and needs.



  • Introductory knowledge about Qi (Chi, Prana, Energy) manipulation.
  • Complete knowledge about five methods of reviving your life energy.
  • free copy of Amazon bestseller book ‘5 Minute Chi Boost’, that includes poster with all exercises and access to video – that will make sure you don’t forget everything you learn.
  • LIMITED OFFER: First 5 participants (based on ‘first come first serve basis’) will receive 30 minutes’ free consultation with instructor, where you can get additional guidance and answers specific to your situation and needs.


LIVE Seminar  When, Where, Price, How to Participate

Depending to availability about 4 seminars are organized during the year, mainly in Germany, UK and Czech Republic.

Next seminar time and place:

This program is offered for symbolic fee of  €108

Due to practical reasons and high demand only sure way to reserve a spot in next live seminar is to fill up the application and proceed with payment.

ATTENTION: places are extremely limited due to need of keeping high quality of work during the seminar. In case of interest, best is to reserve your spot right away.

Fill up this Application, you will receive email conformation and all necessary details. You will be led to secure payment form. 

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