Everything we provide to one-to-one Shortcut to Having More private coaching clients, I have managed to implement into the comprehensive and complete online course. Course has seven modules and offers a complete system (personalized to needs of individual and easy to use tools), exercises and methods that are proven to work.

This program will be sold later for $497 but during this launch I would love to partner with you on, we are on $297 as ideal medium-range price (if you have some good arguments, I am definitely open for discussion) but in any case, we are offering 50% per sale. We are building sales funnels that are proven to convert well and those will include highly converting squeeze pages, emails, support materials, free How to CLEAR the Biggest Money Blocks Stopping YOU from Earning and Creating Wealth webinar as a main lead magnet etc.  I’m going to use PayKickstart for affiliate tracking / processing and commissions will be paid via PayPal. Use of remarketing, FB payed Adds and other effective channels are going to be applied in proper way so you will not lose a single sale.


Up-sale ($270-$1000 per sale):

Since we are going to track all leads conversions, it wouldn’t be fair to not reward you for further conversions we expect to see. Let me give you example: readers of my book convert to my private one-to-one coaching. People who watch my YouTube videos and see my updates on LinkedIn as well convert and I don’t see the reason why we should expect different results out of our JV.

Customers of Shortcut to Having More – Breakthrough are going to have complete system that is going to help them however, there are deeply rooted blocks to money that approximately 20-30% of people do suffer from (such as complex financial traumas, goal traumas as well as toxic money problem that is nearly impossible to solve without one-to-one personal work and care). Shortcut to Having More private coaching fees have different packages ranging from about $800-$4000 depending on length, program etc. that means that your potential revenue from here range anywhere between $270 and $1000 per client!



I hope this proposal has caught your attention and that it sounds interesting. Click here to sign up for becoming an affiliate.