There were a lot of requests for personal coaching we have been receiving over the years. We help to great people to advance and grow even faster. All our programs WORK by default – with Practical Individual Training you receive from our ‘tailor made for you’ personal coaching program, you multiple the power & effectiveness of knowledge, skills and abilities we teach. 

Just few years ago, it wasn’t simple to personally coach and effectively assist to that many man and women. Fortunately nowadays, there are tools we use and enhance the quality of communication and coaching so meeting in person actually is not that crucial anymore. It is always welcomed and great but not crucial anymore. Highest quality of coaching can easily be established with a little bit of adjustments to modern technology .


Our personal coaching sessions are ‘tailor made for you’ aimed at your needs and is successfully dealing with obstacles that you maybe facing. SuperSouL personal coaching program we offer for every program available on our website. All lessons are well constructed, comprehensive and when approached with sincerity, our personal coaching program is sure to enhance quality, accelerate the pace and efficiency of your advancement.  We use :

  • Skype
  • Video sharing via YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Slack

Depending on your particular needs, we use one , few or all of these platforms that is without additional cost for you.


Each session is ~ 50 min long + 10 min for Q&A

On the this scheduling link  you can see available times and chose those times that fit to your schedule. NOTICE: Availability is limited – you will see only times that are not yet occupied but the occupancy is changing on regular ongoing basis.



Get to Know Each-other 

15 minutes

Private Coaching – Single Session

1 hour  – coaching fee –  $108.00

3 hour  – coaching fee – $245.00
 Many times we achieve a lot more in 3 sessions. GOLD package is giving you 79$ savings


Personal Coaching PLATINUM Package (6x Individual Sessions)

6 hour – coaching fee $449.00
 You get most out of our personal coaching programs with PLATINUM Package. This is giving you 199$ savings.