27th, July, 7 pm – 8.30 pm

In this Prosperity boost Skype group call, we will address the essential elements of the real prosperity growth and towards the end of this call you’re going to receive special (and very useful) GIFT*.
We are going to:
1) cover some of the most important PROVEN principles (often neglected or not understood enough)
2) we are going to address the most common obstacles people face when trying to increase their personal and business income.
3) Share – everyone is more than welcome to share your experience.
4) have a Q&A session
*5) Choose your GIFT.
Next to coaching and helping people, creating my own programs, writing books etc. I have never stopped learning and growing. As a result, I have a huge library of materials that are, in one way or another, aimed at helping and assisting abundance/wealth/prosperity growth.
I’m going to present 3 programs of well-established authorities in this field and if you like, as a gift you can choose one that resonates with you the most 🙂


2 to max. 10 attendees, in order to assure high quality and enough time for everyone.

It’s summer, many people are out of Prague. I figured Skype would be practical for most.


Use MeetUp

or Add me directly on Skype: DareSomethingWorthy

We are going to join you into the group call.

Regarding the place & time:
Tell me if you have other suggestions, I can adjust to anything that makes sense for most of you! 🙂