In answer to numerous requests, Sasha has now revealed his powerful method in book form! Now you can get this unique earning booster system in a complete package (book + support materials, videos & audio files). Already, using this practical and remarkable package, thousands have successfully removed all hidden blocks to achieving greater wealth.

Because of his own financial ‘re-birthing’ experience, and the high income improvement rate of his clients, the author never lacked a desire to reach out – the time factor stopped him from publishing his book earlier. We know that the worth of waiting is REAL; people who are serious, about quickly reaching great, tangible improvements in their personal earning power and potential, will love this book. For many people, bettering our wealth and abundance is one of our top priorities, but it’s in that same sphere where we feel the most stuck.

Regardless of how many methods and approaches have left you with poor results, now you can change this pattern. This book and supporting materials will give you simple, applicable, but also enormously powerful methods to finally get rid of limiting fears and beliefs that sabotage your success.

Based on ancient techniques, you get reconnected with life energy and boost your success rate multiple times. This unique perspective on clinically proven, body-mind tools will clear you of habitual patterns, negative attitudes and past experiences, and other inner blocks to creating and managing money.

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Just to clarify for your inner critic (who wonder if this approach will really help), you will receive the ability to:

  • Get unstuck so you can reach better wealth and abundance
  • Get rid of limiting fear and beliefs that sabotage your success
  • Reconnect with life energy and enormously boost your success rate
  • Get clear of negative patterns, attitudes and experiences that seem unshakable
  • Destroy inner blocks to creating and managing money

This package is focused on maximizing your earning potential but it goes way beyond that. We all know how much our lives are connected and influenced by our ability and inability to earn and keep enough. This goes beyond money all the way to reviving personal power, passion and life energy.




Take a look at this video and learn more about the process